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MOTW 21: Blue Panther vs Villano V

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"Chris Things M.O.T.W. #21: Blue Panther vs. Villano V" - ink & digital illustration

Hi folks, we’re back for match 21 of our “Match of the Week” art series & I’ve got a total classic lucha libre Mascara Contra Mascara 'Apuestas’ match for you.

This bout took place on September 19th, 2008 on CMLL’s 75th Anniversary Show at 'La Catedral De La Lucha Libre', Arena Mexico. As some of you may know, Blue Panther is my all-time favourite luchador & this match has a special significance to his amazing career. It was the match that shocked the world when he finally lost his iconic mask to the legendary Los Villanos family.

I recall seeing this match back in the day & not remembering much about it other than the massive upset win. However, on rewatch this past week, it really hammered home just how great a match this was in itself! The heat & drama of this one really made it for me. Arena Mexico was ROCKING for this one. Villano hits the back of his head on a chair after a particularly awesome Tope Suicida from Panther that results in a gruesome injury where the back of his mask pools with blood. An absolute heck of a match follows as Villano & Panther put on a career-defining performance & just a tippy-top level Apuestas match. The post-match unmasking is just as great; full of all of the gut-wrenching emotion & drama that is what makes me forever love the world of Mexican Wrestling. There’s just nothing else like it.

Just wonderful stuff! Highly recommended!!


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