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About Me

Chris Things Bryan

Hi there, I'm Chris 'Things' Bryan!

Just another Australian art-man/illustrator/failed Mexican wrestler specialising in strange and self-indulgent pretty pictures.

A former 'pro-wrassler' who got knocked in the head too many times to keep doing that. I now channel my efforts into creating art and illustrations - often of the culty and spandex-clad violence variety. I come from a trained visual art (bachelor degree) and graphic design (advanced diploma) background. I'm also a proudly published book and online editorial illustrator. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for original artwork purchases, prints and tasty-as commissions!


Fancy art prints also available for purchase of most any original artwork on my instagram page (Worldwide postage included). Email me to get yours today!


Have a weird & wonderful 'Chris Things' art/illustration commission idea of your own? Let's do this! Commission pricing starts at $150 (+ postage if physical media is involved) depending on the scope of the job. Swing me a message to let me know what you have in mind / inquire as to current commission-work availability.

  • Personal or Gift Commission work (digital illustration or physical paintings)
  • Business Commissions (illustration-based logo work, branding, product, menu or brochure illustrations, support graphics)
  • Murals (large or small, let's do this!)

Editorial Illustrations

As a proudly published book and online editorial illustrator currently finalising my 3rd book, I welcome all editorial work. Be it more wacky or restrained, I always strive to provide the right illustration for the right job. Please get in touch to discuss rates today. 

Thanks for stopping by!