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Choshu vs Fujiwara (Way of the Blade Art Print)

$25.00 USD - $40.00 USD

"Riki Choshu vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara" - ink & digital illustration

NJPW IWGP Champion Series 1987 (Day 22) - 06.09.1987, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

Another of my favourite illustrations from the original Way of the Blade book & another match that I loved dearly. An excellent excerpt from the fantastic NJPW vs. UWF feud of the 80s, this match is just the definition of a heated, bloody brawl done to perfection!

I make no bones about my complete love for Karl Gotch's favourite disciple. Fujiwara-San to me is one of the absolute greatest to ever step foot in a professional wrestling ring and a first-ballot hall-of-famer in anyone’s book. His influence on the world of 'Shoot-Style' can't be overstated but there are still so many things to appreciate about him outside of that. From his facial expressions, to his general magnetic presence and innate ability to get you invested in a match in a whole different level to most. His actual wrestling also just blows my mind more & more each time I watch him. It took me a while to garner a proper appreciation of Choshu. But I totally got on board as soon as I saw his Chochu Ishin Gundan invasion of All Japan, just prior to his return to New Japan that we see here. Fujiwara and Choshu represent their respective promotions with all of the violent pride that you’d expect. Just an absolute war of a brawl. Headbutts, some amazing punches, lariats and a whole lot of blood. This is what professional wrestling is all about!


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