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Customer Testimonials

Video Plant

"I initially discovered ChrisThings on the Instagram app, and I was immediately captivated by Chris’s imagination and creativity. The way he seamlessly blended pop culture with pro wrestling by transforming wrestlers into pickles was utterly fascinating. I found myself scrolling through his feed, eager to explore more of his work.

Afterward, I decided to dive deeper into Chris's artistry and purchased his book, Way of the Blade. I was completely mesmerized by his talent for capturing intense moments with striking black and white imagery. It was truly impressive.

Driven by curiosity and admiration, I reached out to Chris to inquire about the possibility of acquiring colorized versions of his captivating images. To my delight, Chris not only agreed but also astounded me with his ability to infuse a whole new dimension into his artwork through vibrant pastel colorways.

I also started to take notice of his impressive lettering skills and it dawned on me that he was the only person I wanted to commission for creating the logo for my art installation, Video Plant. After providing him with a few notes, I entrusted him to work his magic, and I couldn't have been happier with the end result.

Since then, ChrisThings has become my go-to artist for collaborative projects, and his pieces now have a permanent place in Video Plant. I'm incredibly grateful for his talent and contribution to making Video Plant what it is today. Chris has truly made a difference, and I'm lucky to have crossed paths with him." - Richard Beardsley, Video Plant

Jas Testimonial Pic

"We are the luckiest of ducks to own two original Chris Things artworks.

We love Chris’ wrasslin style and he was the perfect artist to draw a family portrait for my wrestling-loving husband for a milestone birthday. Chris was a pleasure to work with and captured everyone’s personalities perfectly - he even incorporated our furry family members in the piece. We’re stoked to be immortalised in Chris Things’ style!

As a wrestling-loving family and our son being a budding artist that admires Chris’ talent, we just had to have a piece of his original work to treasure. Every time I look at it, I cannot get over how talented he is. The quirkiness, the colours, the artistic skills. This original piece that we scored is the most commented on by our house guests because it’s so eye catching and unique.

We’re keen to collect more artworks and support Chris because we need more Chris Things in this world." - Jas Clark

Lily Testimonial Pic

"Got my calendar last week it is sooooo sick! Never had one thanks to adhd but now that the art looks f'ckin' sick every month I’m motivated to use it 😊😊appreciate the message and additional goodies! Keep doing what your doing" - Lily Turek AKA 'Lil Grl Art'


"An old lady just stopped me in coles and asked about your shirt. She said she loves cowboys and that you’re very talented!" - Aaron 'Faz' Fazio