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MOTW #12: Low Ki vs KENTA

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"Chris Things M.O.T.W. #12: Low Ki vs. KENTA" - ink & digital illustration

Hi there folks! We’re up to week 12 of my little old “Match of the Week” art series & boy howdy do I have a good’n for you this week! Officially one of my favourite matches of ALL TIME in fact.

I just so happened to rewatch this one recently for my dear friend, Bradley’s birthday, whereby we celebrated his birth by watching a bunch of his favourite pro wrestling matches. This one was certainly my favourite!

This all-time classic took place just over 18 years ago (wild!) on December 17th, 2005 at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2005 event in Edison, New Jersey at the Inman Sports Club for Pro Wrestling NOAH's GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship - between two of the most badass, best professional wrestlers in the entire world.

What can I even say about this one other than it is just an absolutely PERFECT professional wrestling match. Everything about it was just so great, from the general realism to of course the next-level stiff strikes, the pacing & selling, to the overall atmosphere where that ROH Jersey crowd knew that they were seeing the absolute peak of wrestling at this time. I really do think this match defined a special time in pro wrestling. Similar to ten years prior in ECW, this era of ROH was a very special time from a counter-culture perspective for the American version of the art form to be re-invented. And this was just as cutting-edge as it gets. The overall nostalgia of this whole thing also just brought me so much joy. This was an amazing time & place in wrestling that sadly just doesn’t exist anymore.


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